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All businesses need insurance to protect them in case of possible injuries to employees or visitors. At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, we have a long history of providing clients throughout New Jersey with the policies they need, such as Workers’ Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance, to cover unexpected losses due to various types of accidents. 

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How Best to Prevent Accidents at Your Workplace

Even when you have the right insurance coverage to protect your company, you don’t want anyone to be injured on your premises. Below is some advice about how to keep your staff and visitors (e.g. delivery people, clients, service providers, and vendors) out of danger. Making safety a conscious priority can go a long way to keeping everyone in your workplace out of harm’s way.

It is important to remember that potential hazards, while they may be more prevalent at certain workplaces, like construction sites, may also exist in sedate offices, well-managed restaurants, supermarkets, and small boutiques. Here are some ways to keep them at bay:

  • Keep your workplace clean and organized — shelves well-balanced, walkways unobstructed, and spills immediately marked and wiped up.
  • Instruct all employees to use proper techniques when lifting, using equipment, taking precautions against fire, and reporting any observed hazards.
  • Encourage workers to take the breaks they are entitled to in order to prevent fatigue and lack of attention that can increase the risks of accidents.
  • Maintain equipment, furnishings, and business vehicles

The cost of repairing or replacing defective tools, rewiring equipment, or buying new shelving is far less than the cost of having a valuable employee incapacitated or being faced with a personal injury lawsuit. 

  • Make sure to have a fully stocked first-aid kit (or several) in case of emergencies, including products that may be necessary at your particular worksite, such as eyewash or anti-burn compounds. Be aware of employees with severe allergies or other medical conditions (e.g. seizures) and how they should be handled.
  • Make certain that everyone on staff is aware of safety protocol in terms of dealing with slippery services, dysfunctional equipment, obstructive materials or debris, or an ill colleague. All staff members should be made aware of the need to be proactive about reporting any increased risk at the workplace. 
  • Make sure that all employees wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as required. PPE may include hard hats, earplugs or earmuffs, safety goggles, masks or face shields, back braces, safety harnesses, or safety gloves.

No Matter How Safe Your Work Environment Is, You Need Business Insurance

Taking the time to increase the safety level at your business is always time well spent. Nonetheless, you can never avoid danger altogether. No matter how careful you are as a business owner, there is always the possibility not only that someone can be injured on your premises, but that your business can face a weather calamity, a cyber attack, a fire or theft, or a lawsuit that accuses your company of causing monetary loss or reputational harm.

This is why having a free consultation with Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC can be invaluable. Our knowledgeable advisors can help you plan for your unique insurance needs and can stand by you in challenging circumstances.

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