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The facts about business cyber attacks are alarming. According to a study by Duke University, more than 80 percent of U.S. companies report having been hacked at least once. 

Although cyber attacks on large corporations are more commonly reported by the media than attacks on small businesses, small firms experience a considerably higher percentage of invasive cyber attacks: 85 percent for small businesses compared to 60 percent for large corporations. This is why it is critical that, no matter what the size of your company, you contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC of Red Bank now to make sure your company has the Cyber Liability Insurance it needs.

There is hardly an existing business in New Jersey or throughout the country that doesn’t use computers to record data, keep track of accounts and transactions, communicate with customers, patients, or clients, and seek or verify information. With all the benefits the internet brings to these businesses, it also makes them vulnerable to a number of dangers, such as data breaches, cyber-attacks, computer viruses, hacks, and other kinds of cutting-edge malware, including ransomware. That’s why no business can afford to be without a Cyber Liability Insurance policy. 

Advantages of Using Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC for Cyber Liability Insurance

Our insurance advisors are determined to provide you with the most comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance at the most reasonable price. We are able to do this because we are not affiliated with any particular insurance provider. This enables us to explore a broad range of policies from various insurance companies, making your best interests our top priority. Contact our office now at (732) 649-1600 or online.

Cyber Security Insurance Provides Funds for Recovery From a Cyber Attack

Business Cyber Security Insurance can cover your business for business interruptions that disrupt productivity, negatively impact your bottom line, and possibly involve your company in expensive litigation. Contact us now so that we can set you up with Cyber Liability Insurance that will provide recovery funds after any of the following calamities:

  • Data breach: After a data breach, you are legally required to notify everyone impacted — customers, clients, vendors, and staff. You will also have to pay to repair your online security system.
  • Business interruption: When your computer system is hacked, you may lose computer access, interfering with your productivity or even stopping your business entirely. In this case, Cyber Security Insurance can help you pay rent, salaries, bills, and the costs of computer restoration.
  • Cyber extortion: Many types of malware are designed to keep you from accessing invaluable data until you pay a sizable ransom. Cyber Liability Insurance can help you cover the exorbitant fee.
  • Legal and forensic support: In almost all cases, you will require the services of a forensic expert to diagnose the flaw in your security system that led to the breach and an attorney to protect you from possible lawsuits. Cyber Liability Insurance will help to cover the high costs of both services.

It’s essential to be aware that General Liability Insurance does not normally provide coverage for potentially enormous costs of a cyber attack on your business. That’s why you should contact our New Jersey office for a free consultation about your need for Cyber Liability Insurance before it’s too late.

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Don’t leave your business open to the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks. Contact our skilled insurance advisors who will present you with Cyber Liability Insurance options appropriate for your precise needs. You can rely on us to make certain that your company’s insurance is ready to help you through the challenging financial recovery period after a serious violation of your cyber security. We will make sure that your Cyber Liability Insurance is Blue Lion Strong™.