In Bloomfield, New Jersey, a town already well-known for several distinctive buildings, new construction continues at a rapid pace. The township boasts being home to several impressive centers for the arts, The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart (the 5th largest cathedral in North America), and the home of Grover Cleveland — the only American president born in New Jersey.

At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC we are keenly aware that each of the structures being built requires the protection of Construction Liability Insurance. We are proud to offer clients in Bloomfield and elsewhere in New Jersey the best Construction Liability Insurance policies available at the most reasonable prices.

Why Smart Clients Choose Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC

Our team of dedicated insurance advisors is well-trained and committed to meeting all of your commercial insurance needs, including fulfilling the legal requirement for Construction Liability Insurance. As soon as you contact us at (732) 649-1600 or online, we can provide you with a free consultation to discuss not only the Construction Liability Insurance you need for licensing, but any additional essential coverage to shield you from potentially exorbitant costs of lawsuits.

Contacting Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is a wise choice because we are not only experts in the field of insurance, but are objective brokers, unaffiliated with any particular insurance provider. This enables us to offer a broad range of insurance plans from a wide variety of insurance companies.

We don’t have a stake in which policy you choose to purchase. On the contrary, we are interested in finding you the policy that best suits your individual needs so you can become another well-satisfied client. What we want, above all, is for you to end up with a Construction Liability Insurance policy that is Blue Lion Strong™.

Required Coverage for Construction Companies in Bloomfield

In most cases, Construction Liability policies are legally required to obtain a construction permit or a contractor’s license. Even if not legally required, Construction Liability Insurance serves an important purpose: it protects your company from damage and personal injury claims brought by people you do not employ and with whom you are not affiliated.

Two Types of Construction Liability Insurance Are Needed

In spite of the fact that most construction workers are careful and professional, it is essential for construction companies to carry insurance coverage for both bodily injury and property damage. Many factors make construction worksites dangerous for third parties (e.g. visiting architects, engineers, property owners, and passersby) as well as construction workers. These risk factors include the presence of some or all of the following at the job site:

  • Heavy equipment and power tools
  • Building materials and debris
  • Toxic substances
  • Uneven and/or rocky terrain
  • Deep holes
  • Scaffolds and ladders

It is all too possible for accidents to occur even at well-supervised job sites. You will be grateful that you have Construction Liability Insurance if, for example, a visitor suffers a serious personal injury in a slip and fall at the worksite or if his/her car is severely damaged by a piece of heavy machinery.

It only takes a moment of distraction for an accident with severe consequences to occur. Don’t be left vulnerable to a lawsuit that could wipe out your profit margin or bankrupt your business. Contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC before you begin the project so we can help you protect your company from awarded damages and court costs. Having the right Construction Liability Insurance can keep you afloat even if something goes terribly wrong.

What Construction Liability Insurance Covers

When you meet with our insurance advisors, they can help you determine which Construction Liability Insurance policy is right for you. Once it is enforced, you will experience the calm that comes of knowing you have insurance to back you up if someone makes a claim against your company for:

  • Damaged or destroyed property
  • Loss of use while damaged property is being repaired or replaced
  • Serious injuries involving medical care, pain and suffering, or even funeral costs
  • Improper installation of equipment
  • Reputational loss due to your worker’s mistake

As we all know, accidents and the claims that may accompany them are never expected. Nonetheless, by contacting our efficient insurance advisors, you can prepare for them.

What are the caps on Construction Liability Insurance?

There is always a limit to the amount that will be paid on any insurance claim. If there were not, insurance companies could not stay in business. The two kinds of caps are: per occurrence and aggregate. The former limits the amount payable for a single incident; the latter limits the total amount the insurance company will pay for claims during a certain period of time. Contact us to discuss the caps on any policies you may be interested in purchasing.

Why does the cost of Construction Liability Insurance vary?

Many factors impact the price of a Construction Liability Insurance policy, such as:

  • Your company’s credit history
  • The length of time you have been in the construction business
  • The location and size of the project you’re undertaking
  • The location and size of your company
  • How high the deductibles and caps of the particular policy are
  • The risk level of the type of construction being done

We Can Help You with Any Other Insurance You Need

We know how precious your time is. When we meet with you concerning your Construction Liability Insurance, we can advise you about any other insurance your construction company may need, including:

  1. Builders Risk Insurance to cover contractors’ materials, equipment, tools, and any other property related to construction activity
  2. Workers’ Compensation to cover injuries or fatalities of employees at the worksite for medical expenses, lost wages, disability payments, legal claims, funeral costs, and death benefits
  3. Commercial Auto Insurance to cover damage to any commercial vehicles used in the construction process

Contact Our Experienced Bloomfield Construction Liability Insurance Advisors

The insurance advisors at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC are knowledgeable and professional. Our goal is to fulfill your construction insurance needs as efficiently as possible. We know that you want to get the most comprehensive, cost-effective Construction Liability Insurance policy available and we can help you do just that.