At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, many of our valued clients come to us from the Central New Jersey area, seeking reliable, cost-effective Construction Liability Insurance. Whether you are seeking insurance for the construction of a retail store, a restaurant, an office building, a hotel, or a parking garage, you can be certain that Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is the right place to come.

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC Is a Wise Choice

With our advisors, you have the advantage of working with individuals who put your best interests first. We are objective brokers since we have no affiliation with any particular insurance company. Contact us at (732) 649-1600 or online for a broad range of insurance options. During your free consultation, we will listen carefully to your particular needs so we can provide you with appropriate, well-thought-out, advice.

Types of Construction Liability Insurance Needed in Central New Jersey

Our insurance advisors are dedicated to meeting our clients’ commercial insurance needs, including the need for required Construction Liability Insurance. We will make sure that you have both the Construction Liability Insurance necessary for your contractor’s license or permit and the additional coverage you need to protect your company from high-priced lawsuits involving personal injury and/or property damage.

The latter Construction Liability Insurance will protect you from potential claims for medical costs and lost income brought by individuals who are not in your employ or entities you are not affiliated with. Call us now to ensure that you have not just the minimum required, but all the insurance your construction company needs.

Even the most well-disciplined and careful construction workers may inadvertently cause costly damage to property that is on or adjacent to your jobsite. By the same token, serious harm can come to professionals visiting the job site (e.g. engineers or architects) or people just walking by. Though thankfully relatively rare, there have been incidents in which people not involved in the construction process have suffered wrongful death due to falling materials, defective equipment, or explosions.

Not Having Construction Liability Insurance Can Be Catastrophic

It is important to understand that if a personal injury verdict goes against you, you could be responsible for exorbitant sums to pay for the victim’s multiple surgeries, extended hospital stay, and permanent disability, not to mention lost income and pain and suffering. Without proper Construction Liability Insurance, your business could be seriously impacted or even go bankrupt.

At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, we have the in-depth knowledge to gauge which insurance policies will be most effective in protecting your business from potential personal injury and property damage lawsuits. Once you become our client, we will always be available to discuss insurance strategies that have to be put in place to keep your company Blue Lion Strong™.

What Construction Liability Insurance Covers in Central New Jersey

Once you have consulted with our insurance advisors and purchased a suitable Construction Liability Insurance policy, you will be able to relax, knowing that your company has coverage for:

  • Repair of damaged property
  • Replacement of destroyed property
  • Loss of use of the property during repair or replacement
  • Property damage caused by improper installation of equipment
  • Medical and/or long-term care, pain & suffering, funeral costs
  • Personal and advertising injury to third parties who incurred a financial or personal loss

Being proactive is rarely more critical than when you are dealing with insurance since you have no way of knowing when having coverage will suddenly be crucial to keeping your construction company afloat. This is a good reason not to procrastinate. Contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC now, when you’re thinking of it.

All Insurance, Including Construction Liability Insurance, Is Capped

There is always an upper limit on how much will be paid in insurance settlements, no matter how calamitous the accident. There are two types of caps:

  1. Per occurrence limits the amount payable for a single incident
  2. Aggregate limits the total amount payable for claims during a designated time period

We will be happy to discuss all insurance matters with you — premiums, the extent of coverage, exclusions, caps — during our free consultation.

Why the Cost of Construction Liability Insurance Policies Varies in Central New Jersey

Our insurance advisors are well aware that you have to pay close attention to your bottom line, even when shopping for something as essential as insurance. It is helpful to know that the following factors may affect your insurance premiums:

  • Your company’s credit history
  • The length of time you have been in business
  • Your own training and expertise in construction management
  • The size of your company
  • The size and location of the project itself
  • Deductibles and caps of the particular insurance policy
  • The assessed risk level of the kind of construction being done

We Will Also Help You with Other Kinds of Necessary Insurance

Our knowledgeable advisors can also assist you in purchasing other insurance for your construction company may need, including:

  1. Builders Risk Insurance covers damage and loss of contractors’ materials, equipment, and tools due to theft, vandalism, storms, fire, and explosions
  2. Workers’ Compensation covers job site injuries or fatalities of employees for medical expenses, lost wages, disability payments (if eligible), legal claims, funeral costs, and death benefits
  3. Commercial Auto Insurance covers all commercial vehicles used during the construction process

Contact Our Experienced Central New Jersey Construction Liability Insurance Advisors Today

At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, we are well-prepared to assist you in obtaining the Construction Liability Insurance policy best suited to your needs. While we focus on keeping your business well-protected, you can take care of building a thriving company in Central New Jersey.