Clark, a township in Union County, New Jersey, has a long history. Named for Abraham Clark, a signer of The Declaration of Independence, Clark is now a community of pleasant homes and energetic businesses that meet manufacturing, financial, professional, retail, and hospitality needs across the state and beyond. A significant number of construction companies provide the support to keep these industries moving forward. Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is dedicated to providing superior insurance coverage for all types of commercial enterprises in Clark, New Jersey. Because we are insurance advisors and not representatives of any particular insurance company, our priority is our clients. For the construction businesses that keep our economy thriving, one of the basics we offer is Construction Liability Insurance.

Our advisors have the advantage of being able to provide your construction business with a wide variety of cost-effective insurance options. Contact us by phone at (732) 649-1600 or online for a free consultation and a complete evaluation of your company’s insurance needs. We will make sure that you have the Construction Liability Insurance required for licensing, as well as any additional coverage necessary to protect you from expensive lawsuits.

The construction business is fraught with risks of property damage and personal injury. The right Construction Liability Insurance will safeguard your assets if a legal judgment goes against you.

Construction Companies Must Have Construction Liability Coverage

The state regards liability coverage as necessary to protect those who may be injured at your construction site or by your construction equipment. This statute is in place to protect those who are not your employees because your employees would typically be covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Whether you are a residential or commercial contractor, a developer, or a specialty contractor (e.g. electrical, plumbing), Construction Liability Insurance will provide protection. If your company is sued for damages, it will cover you not only for medical costs and property repair or replacement but for legal costs as well.

Types of Construction Liability Insurance

There are two types of liability coverage: bodily injury and property damage. Together, they provide a protective shield for construction companies. Workers may accidentally damage property or cause injuries by mishandling materials, heavy vehicles, or powerful equipment; equipment itself may malfunction.

Construction Liability insurance can cover your company for:

  • Repairing or replacing damaged or destroyed property
  • Loss of use while damaged property is being repaired or replaced
  • Injuries (i.e. medical care, funeral costs, court-awarded non-economic compensation)
  • Property damages caused by your company’s installation of equipment
  • Personal and advertising damages to third parties

Claims and lawsuits against construction companies like yours can arise unexpectedly at any time and, in order to survive, your company must be prepared. The sooner you contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, the sooner you can experience the relief that comes from knowing your company is protected.

Construction Liability Insurance Is Not All Your Construction Company Needs

When you work with our knowledgeable insurance advisors, you can rest easy, knowing that we always have a comprehensive perspective and will always make certain any gaps in your coverage are filled. We will assist you in purchasing other necessary insurance products for your construction company, including:

  1. Builders Risk Insurance to cover contractor’s materials, equipment, and property related to construction (e.g. fencing)
  2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance to cover job-related injuries or fatalities of employees for:
      • Lost wages
      • Medical expenses
      • Ongoing recovery costs
      • Permanent disability
      • Funeral costs and death benefit
      • Legal fees

    Because Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers only employee injuries, not the injuries of visitors or pedestrians, it is essential to have Construction Liability Insurance as well.

  3. Commercial Auto Insurance to cover all commercial vehicles used during the construction process.

Though Vital, Insurance Has Limits

Construction Liability Insurance has limits, placing caps on payout amounts. There are two types of insurance caps:

  1. Per occurrence limits the amount payable for a single incident
  2. Aggregate refers to the total amount the insurance company will pay for claims made during a particular time period.

Contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC to discuss the caps on any policies you are considering, since they may be a deciding factor in choosing which policy is right for your construction company.

What affects the cost?

At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, we are sensitive to the fact that cost is always a factor in the purchase of insurance products. Fortunately, our skilled advisors have the knowledge and insight to help you make the smartest choice for your construction company. The price of your Construction Insurance policy can be affected by:

  • Caps and deductibles of the policy itself
  • The credit history of your company (possibly your personal credit history as well)
  • Length of time in business
  • Location of the project or business
  • Size of the project or business
  • Risk level of the type of construction

Generally speaking, because construction is a high-risk enterprise, Construction Liability Insurance tends to be more costly than other types of insurance. Even so, the less statistical risk your particular business presents, the lower your costs will be.

Also, the fewer claims you have made in the past, the less the insurer can charge to protect you in the present. When you work with Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, you can rest assured that we are always looking out for your best interests and that we can provide you with the best coverage at the best rates.

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