Lakewood NJ MapBlue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is just 10 minutes down the road from Middletown, NJ, an upper-middle-class community with a strong sense of neighborly togetherness and value. We take joy in knowing that our headquarters is right next door to such a respectable township and our advisors take great pleasure in providing the optimal insurance solutions to Middletown, NJ residents.

If you walk into our office, contact us online, or call us at 732-860-2751 requesting assistance in purchasing new insurance for your Middletown, NJ assets, you can rest assured that one of our trusted insurance advisors will walk you through the process of finding the right insurance coverage, at the right price, with superior client services. We work with 30 top-rated insurance carriers and because of that, we are able to customize insurance plans to fit your specific personal, high-net-worth, or business insurance needs.

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Custom-built Insurance Packages from Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC Available in Middletown

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is a professional insurance and risk management firm where advisors take pride in the services provided. We value our clients and make them our #1 priority as we work with 30 top-rated insurance carriers to develop individualized insurance programs for their needs. When you are a client of ours, you can take comfort in knowing we are here for YOU. It is our mission to give you what YOU need, and when it comes to providing you with the insurance solutions to safeguard your assets or your business, our experienced advisors take relationship building to the next level. Our advisors know that the key to helping clients is to understand their needs and goals. They recognize that everyone is on a different life journey and that no two people are set to achieve the same goals or live the same lifestyle, meaning insurance needs can differ drastically. You need an insurance solution as unique as you are and the best way, we have found, is is to develop a customized insurance program for YOU. By the end of your consultation with our advisor, you will be presented with a comprehensive insurance quote from one of the 30 top-rated insurance carriers we work with, and that quote will satisfy all of the needs you have regarding the assets you have in Middletown, NJ.

Below are some of the insurance coverages we offer and, once an experienced advisor reviews them with you, they will be customized to meet your unique needs. For a complete list of our services, click here. Call us today at 732-860-2751 to request a free insurance quote.

  • Personal Lines Insurance Coverages
  • High-Net-Worth Insurance Programs
  • Full Protection Insurance Programs
  • Full Business Coverage

You can Send us an email to connect directly to an experienced advisor who can give you a more in-depth look at the insurance programs and services we offer to residents and business owners in the Middletown, NJ area.

How We Provide Services from 30 Top-Rated Insurance Companies for Middletown, NJ

As an insurance firm, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors LLC’s, we know it takes more than 15 minutes to buy insurance. Our mission is not to sell you the insurance package that costs the most money, it is to provide you with the right insurance coverage, at the best price, with superior client services. We want you to have Blue Lion Strong™ protection that offers you exactly what you need and doesn’t leave you with high out of pocket expenses should an unforeseen event occur. When you come to us looking to either purchase insurance for the first time, or switch insurance carriers to get better pricing, the experienced advisor working with you will look to the insurance carriers we support to see which plans or programs will suit your unique needs. We tailor insurance packages to uniquely fit each client’s needs.

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How We Can be Reached During COVID-19 Lockdown

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC values face-to-face communication, but we also recognize that in the current COVID-19 global pandemic social distancing is necessary for the safety of our team as well as yourself. To accommodate these restrictions and ensure that we provide the best service possible to our clients, we have introduced virtual insurance appointments. While we might not be face-to-face in the traditional way, sitting at a table together, you will be able to have a private conversation with an experienced advisor regarding your insurance needs. Give us a call at 732-860-2751 or send an email to to set up a video call at a time that works for you.

A Quick Snapshot of Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is a full-service insurance and risk management agency that is significantly changing the way individuals and business owners purchase insurance. We provide premier risk management and insurance solutions offered at competitive pricing. And, unlike other insurance agencies, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC are trailblazers, adopting cutting edge technology and online communication tools to deliver a more efficient, expedient, and transparent user experience.

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