push pin through trenton on a map of NJ Ocean County is a county located along the Jersey Shore and, along with adjacent Monmouth County, Ocean County and is a mecca for boating and fishing. Its most popular beaches include Point Pleasant Beach/Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, and Long Beach Island; however, Ocean County is not just known for its beaches. Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor are in the Ocean County township of Jackson and is home to some of the tallest roller coasters and water slides in the world.

Who is Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC?

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is one of the leading local experts in business, personal, and high-net-worth insurance and we are located just 26 miles North of Ocean County. We can offer the Right Insurance Coverage, at the Right Price, with Superior Client Service to both individuals and businesses in the Ocean County area and throughout the state of New Jersey.

Why is corporate insurance essential to the success of your Ocean County NJ business?

Every business will face unique risks in their day-to-day operations. Here at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC we work to assess the specific risks facing your business and provide the best possible corporate insurance solutions to ensure you and your company remain resilient in the face of unexpected loss.

When unforeseen obstacles emerge, you and your business could face loss to property and financial assets as well as damage to your company’s reputation.  As a result, besides financial loss, you could be faced with devastating and costly lawsuits in addition to potential threats to your sensitive data and the computer devices that run your business.

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is here to make sure organizations in Ocean County can rest assured that they are properly insured against the day-to-day issues they face. Do not hesitate to contact us now at (732) 860-2874 to discuss your business insurance needs.

What risks could your business be facing in Ocean County?

The definition of business risk means that anything could happen at any time. Being prepared is the best safeguard against the unknown – the best defense is a good offense approach.

Our advisors are here to assess the unique needs of your growing business and tailor your commercial insurance policy to maximize protection against threats. So, what could go wrong?

    • Physical damage to property and tangible assets; this could include fire and flood damage among other natural disasters


    • Theft, damage to, or breakdown of vehicles involved in operations and logistics


    • Cyber-attacks and threats to your intellectual property/intangibles


    • Lawsuits and claims from disgruntled employees


    • Injury or death to employees/customers resulting in compensation and medical bills


    • Errors or omissions.


    Business interruptions/loss from shutdown

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential problems your company could face.

At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC we pride ourselves not only on providing our clients with top tier, reliable insurance solutions but also, and more importantly, we work to customize an insurance program that considers your specific business needs. Our advisors aim to assess every aspect of your organization (industry, size, location, number of employees, etc.) to develop affordable and targeted business insurance coverage that will provide the optimal protection for your Ocean County company. Call us today at (732) 860-2874 or contact us online to set up a FREE insurance evaluation. Don’t wait until an unexpected incident occurs to find out you are underinsured.

Sleep easy knowing we have your personal insurance covered

Here at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC we strive to provide effective and personalized services to you, the individuals of Ocean County, New Jersey.   Our goal at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is to protect you, your family, your property, and your possessions from unforeseen damage or loss. The reality is that we must be prepared for a variety of circumstances that may cause you injury, loss of property, or, in severe cases, legal troubles These include but are not limited to:

    • fire


    • natural disasters


    • theft



Our advisors aim to ensure that our clients can move through life with ease, safe in the knowledge that they are fully protected.

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is aware that each client of ours is unique and with this in mind, our professional and experienced advisors will provide personalized insurance plans suited specifically to your needs. We are just a click or phone call away at (732) 860-2874.

Also, as property values increase, so should your insurance coverage.  Don’t wait until an unexpected incident occurs to find out you are underinsured. Call to arrange a FREE insurance evaluation.

What we offer

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC offers the following essential insurance coverages:

Homeowners Insurance
Renters Insurance
Flood Insurance
Automobile Insurance
Personal Umbrella Insurance
Life Insurance

High Net Worth Individuals

We have the experience to help design an insurance program that protects your wealth. Allow our experienced advisors here at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC to take care of all your insurance requirements. Your personal and business risks may increase as you grow financially, and we aim to make sure that you are not at risk of being underinsured. As property values increase, so should your insurance.

Contact us today to arrange a FREE consultation and evaluation of your insurance coverage. During the consultation, we will learn the nature of your personal and professional needs to ensure you are not at risk of being underinsured.

We offer several products and services, including, but not limited to:

Luxury Home Insurance
Luxury Car Insurance
Private Fleet Auto Insurance
Personal Umbrella Insurance
Yacht/Boat Insurance

Contact Our Ocean County Insurance Advisors Today!

Ocean County, New Jersey is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and family-friendly attractions. Residents and business owners embrace the lifestyle and take pride in the community in which they are a part of.

Ocean Country may be ideal location for your business given the proximity to the beach and seasonal tourism; however, we must all take care to protect our homes, families, and our businesses from natural disasters such as storms, flooding, and wildfires.

At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC we get you the Right Insurance Coverage, at the Right Price with Superior Client Service.  That is the heart of Blue Lion Strong™!

Call us today at (732) 860-2874 to learn how our advisors can safeguard your business, your life, and your growing wealth. You can also request a FREE insurance quote on our website!