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Your business, home, cars, and other vehicles are all valuable assets of your everyday life, and as such, deserve to be protected. Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC in Red Bank, NJ is dedicated to providing the highest level of insurance products and services to not only nationwide clients but local communities in and around Monmouth County such as Rumson.

From the home in which your family grows and the cars that take you on life’s journeys, to the local business you own that supports it all, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC puts its emphasis on YOU. You are part of our community, and we want to see your household continue to grow, see you driving yourself down the street in your cars, possibly on your way to your local business that we support. Should anything ever happen to you, however, our Rumson Insurance Company is here to serve you.

What Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC Offers Our Neighbors in Rumson NJ

Common Questions From Our Rumson Clients 

What is the difference between homeowners and luxury homeowners insurance?

The biggest difference between a Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC personal homeowners policy and a luxury homeowners policy with us is the value of not only the home but also the contents inside. All of our clients are presented with every option available to them and through working together with our clients our advisors make their recommendations for coverage.

For instance, if a potential client comes to us wanting to insure a home valued at a few hundred thousand dollars, we might not suggest a luxury policy because it would far surpass their actual needs. However, if a potential client comes in wanting to purchase coverage for their $1 million+ home with a few other structures on the property (guest house, sheds, detached garage), we would highly encourage them to purchase a customized luxury policy for their home because we pride ourselves on keeping our clients and the community fully protected should the unthinkable happen and considering the potential worth of their property alone, a higher amount of coverage would be necessary.

What types of cars do you consider to be “luxury”?

Rather than naming specific makes and models, our advisors look at the overall value of the vehicle. Once a vehicle surpasses a certain purchase price, it is instantly classified as luxury. Another way you can determine if your car qualifies for the luxury auto insurance package is by considering these few things: did the salesperson who sold it to you say “luxurious”? How would your neighbors define your vehicle? As a teenager, what would you have thought of your car?

Won’t my personal umbrella cover everything? Why do I need all of these different sub-coverages?

A personal umbrella certainly covers the excess amount of what your insurance doesn’t cover, however, it may not cover the excess of what is not covered by your homeowners’ insurance. In other words, if you do not have insurance coverage for your jewelry and it is stolen from your home, the personal umbrella will not cover the loss of those belongings.

The sub-coverages, or riders, are therefore the protections you choose to add to the policy to ensure all valuables are protected.  Our experienced insurance advisors will ensure you understand each rider and advise you what level of coverage will best protect your assets.

What are my appointment options during the pandemic?

While our advisors understand that clients may want to have a face-to-face meeting with them, they also know the importance of keeping themselves, as well as you and your family, safe. As such, we have developed alternative methods to connect with you.

In addition to phone and email, we can also be texted and, for those who are interested, via virtual appointment. While our advisor will not be in the same room with you, you will still be able to see each other and have a more personalized conversation.

Why Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC?

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC has a rich history of community growth, success, and perseverance. From day one, we have sought to help our neighbors within the community of Rumson, by keeping them protected and giving them the peace of mind that in times of loss, we are here for support. Furthermore, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC has grown, just as our community has. After a combined 100 years in the insurance industry, we have adapted to times and fine-tuned our approach to business.

Here are just a few highlights about us:

  • Over a combined 100 years of experience helping clients worldwide
  • Local to Rumson NJ and residents of this area for over 20 years. We are here for YOU
  • Full-spectrum of insurance protection for all of your needs
  • Superior client service experience – We are reliable, effective, and transparent
  • Modern insurance process – Access us anytime, anywhere, right on your phone or computer!

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