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Sussex County, New Jersey has a long, proud history, having been founded in 1753 and named for a county in England. It continues to thrive as a part of New York City’s metropolitan area, home to many charming, moderately priced residences, as well as to a variety of businesses, particularly those focused on services and retail trade. Like all successful businesses, those in Sussex County require Commercial Insurance to make them resilient if calamities strike. 

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Commercial Insurance in Sussex County

Unfortunately, all kinds of businesses are vulnerable to weather catastrophes, theft, fire, 

cyber-attacks, employee errors, personal injuries, and employment issues. Without proper Commercial Insurance, any of these misfortunes could lead your company to economic disaster. Confronted with lawsuit settlements or structural, proprietary or reputational losses, your business could face bankruptcy or worse. 

Whether you own a large corporation, manufacturing establishment, retail establishment,  mom-and-pop store, or professional practice, you need Commercial Insurance to protect your assets and your bottom line. The sooner you contact us to discuss which types of Commercial Insurance are necessary in your case, the sooner you can relax, knowing that the business you have worked so hard to build is well-protected from the consequences of an unexpected disaster. Here are some of the types of Business Insurance our skilled insurance advisors will help you evaluate:

General Liability Insurance

Business Liability Insurance is a foundational policy to protect both your personal and business assets from lawsuits that may claim:

  • Your business or staff damaged the property your business rents 
  • Your business or staff has injured another person or damaged that person’s property
  • Your company or employee has caused reputational damage to a customer, vendor or competitor

Not only can Business Liability Insurance provide you with resources to cover any lawsuit settlement, but it can also provide coverage for the costs of litigation. 

Business Property Insurance 

No matter how well-built your premises are, there are dangers that threaten it, for example, fire (due to lightning, electrical problems, or vandalism), wind, and theft. Some water damage is also covered by Business Property Insurance, but only that which results from leaks or broken pipes, not water damage caused by floods.

Business Continuation Insurance

If your company has to close during clean-up, repairs, or reconstruction, Business Continuation Insurance is extremely important since it allows you to pay rent, salaries, and utilities while your business is out of commission. 

Like many of our Sussex County clients, you may decide to purchase a Business Owners Policy (BOP), which combines General Liability, Business Property, and Business Continuation into a single, sensible bundle.

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Also known as Professional Liability Insurance or Malpractice Insurance, E&O Insurance covers your business or practice for occasional, unavoidable mistakes, including: 

  • Manufacture of a defective product 
  • Infringement on a copyright
  • False advertising
  • Failing to provide contracted services 
  • Providing inadequate, unreliable, or harmful advice
  • Misrepresentation of goods or services
  • Failing to act in good faith or to engage in fair dealing

Error and Omissions Insurance can, like General Liability Insurance, cover legal fees as well as court-awarded damages.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Almost all businesses, no matter their size, now store transactions and other data on the cloud, and so are susceptible to the exorbitant costs of:

  • Data breaches
  • Defense from cyber extortion
  • Denial of service
  • Forensic support
  • Legal support

Though there is no way to totally eliminate the possibility of a data breach or a computer virus, a Cyber Liability Insurance policy can provide you with the necessary funds to recover if your business falls victim to a hacker.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Unless they are civilians working for the federal government, your employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance for personal injuries that occur on the job, including slips and falls and illnesses related to the workplace. In New Jersey, all employee medical and rehabilitation costs are covered under Worker’s Comp, and employees receive 70 percent of their regular wages after the first work of incapacity. Worker’s Comp is a good investment for business owners because, in almost all cases, employees receiving this insurance give up their right to sue their employer. 

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Workplaces are more prone to litigation now that there are an increasing number of laws in place to protect employees from discrimination and wrongful termination. Because lawsuits have become more common in Sussex County and throughout New Jersey, it is all the more necessary for employers to have EPLI. 

Regardless of how inclusive your place of business is or how even-handed you treat your employees, you remain at risk of being sued by a disgruntled or greedy employee for discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination. Our savvy insurance advisors can guide you to the right EPLI insurance to cover you in case you lose a courtroom battle against such charges.

Commercial Flood Insurance

Are you aware that a significant percentage of flood claims are filed by business owners whose companies are in moderate or low-risk flood areas? With the increase in dangerous weather associated with global warming, you should consider whether your business — though not in a flood zone — may need coverage for flood damage. Our advisors have the statistical data to assist you in making a sound decision based on the specific location of your company.

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