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Named for an American Revolutionary War hero, Warren County has been designated one of the best places to live in New Jersey. It combines the glorious scenery of the Lake George region, the cultural energy of the city of Glen Falls, and the hometown charm of several surrounding villages. It also contains a wide variety of businesses that need the customized, affordable insurance Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC provides.

Our knowledgeable insurance advisors have been serving commercial clients in Warren County for over a hundred years. We pride ourselves on successfully protecting Warren County companies from the financial consequences of weather hazards, accidents, theft, fire, and numerous other threats. Contact our Warren County Insurance Company now for a free consultation at (732) 649-1600 or online

Why Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC Is the Right Choice in Warren County

Once you become our client, we work hard to have a long-term relationship with you based on mutual trust. We are well-respected throughout the business community for our integrity so you can count on us to provide you with support when you need it. Our insurance advisors make it a point to be available to you by phone, email, and text, as well as through face-to-face or online meetings.

Choosing Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC has another advantage. Because we are not affiliated with any particular insurance provider, we are able to offer your business a broad spectrum of policies from a great many sources. More than that, we owe allegiance only to you. 

Commercial Insurance in Warren County

Whether you own a corporation or a small business, franchise, factory, professional practice, or department store, you should have Commercial Insurance to protect your profit and your assets. Our insurance advisors have the insight to guide you to the insurance coverage that is best tailored to your needs. Below are some of the types of Business Insurance your Warren County company may require:

Business Property Insurance 

All business property is vulnerable to threats of fire (due to lightning, electrical problems, or vandalism), destructive winds, and theft. Business Property Insurance will provide you with the funds you need to repair or rebuild after severe weather, electrical problems, theft, or vandalism and is therefore essential. This insurance will also help your business recover water damage due to broken pipes or plumbing leaks, though not for flood damage.

Business Liability Insurance 

Business Liability Insurance is a safety net against lawsuits claiming that your business or your employees have:

  • Caused personal injury or property damage to parties outside your company
  • Damaged the reputations of customers or competitors
  • Violated copyrights or patents
  • Ran misleading advertisements 
  • Damaged property your business rents

Though the cost of Business Liability Insurance may vary widely based on your type of business, the number of employees, and other factors, the protection it provides can be reassuring.

Business Continuation Insurance

If your company has to close during clean-up, repairs, or reconstruction, Business Continuation Insurance can help your company to keep up with expenses (e.g. rent, salaries, and utilities) while your business is not functional. Depending on circumstances, we recommend that some of our Warren County clients purchase a Business Owners Policy (BOP), which combines General Liability, Business Property, and Business Continuation into a single, economical bundle. Contact us now to find out if this option is right for you.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Unless employed by the federal government, all employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance for work-related personal injuries and illnesses. In Warren County 

and throughout New Jersey, Workers’ Comp Insurance covers all employees’ medical and rehabilitation costs as well as 70 percent of their regular wages (after the first work of incapacity). For employers, Worker’s Comp is helpful because, in the vast majority of cases, employees receiving this insurance give up their right to sue their employer for damages. 

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Mistakes are unavoidable in any business. E&O Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Insurance or Malpractice Insurance, can cover your business for mistakes that result in:

  • Manufacture of a defective product 
  • Infringement on a copyright
  • False advertising
  • Failure to provide contracted services 
  • Providing inadequate, unreliable, or harmful advice
  • Misrepresentation of goods or services
  • Failing to act in good faith 

Error and Omissions Insurance, like General Liability Insurance, can cover legal expenses as well as court-awarded damages.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Since almost all businesses now store valuable data on the cloud, Cyber Liability Insurance has become ever more necessary to provide financial security in case of a data breach, cyber extortion, installation of malware, or other malicious hacking activity. Though the possibility of a data breach or a computer virus cannot be eliminated, a Cyber Liability Insurance policy can provide you with the necessary funds to recover from a cyber attack.

Commercial Flood Insurance

In recent years, with the increase in weather disasters due to global warming, too many businesses have suffered severe losses because of their lack of Flood Insurance. In fact, an increasingly significant percentage of flood claims are being filed by business owners whose companies are not in locations labeled “flood zones.” Our insurance advisors will study statistics and predictions carefully to see if the location of your business calls for investing in Flood Insurance. 

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Not all threats to your company are external, which is why more and more Warren County businesses seek effective EPLI to guard their finances in case of lawsuits claiming discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination. As state and federal laws tighten to protect employee rights, employers are at greater risk of employee accusations that threaten both their reputation and their bottom line. No matter how inclusive your company’s policies are, we recommend that you seriously consider purchasing EPLI Insurance.

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