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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance with Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC located in Red Bank NJ

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Nowadays, small, medium and large employers are at-risk for lawsuits that are employment-related, this includes home businesses too. At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, we’re here to help reduce your losses in the event you’re battling a lawsuit. We think we offer the best Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Red Bank, NJ.

What Is This Type of Insurance For?

EPL also known as Employment practices liability insurance, covers employment-related law suits. The liability insurance policy could cover:

  • Being wrongfully terminated for reasons that are invalid
  • If an employee experiences sexual harassment, offensive, and derogatory remarks, and the behavior cannot be stopped, EPL may cover some of the damages that have been caused
  • If there has been any type of discrimination and an equal opportunity is not provided, an EPL insurance policy should protect the company and the employee

Employment Practices Liability insurance in Monmouth County could provide defense, security, and protection for your business that is up against a lawsuit or monetary claim. EPL risks are important to understand; claims can arise from the following:

  • Being terminated
  • Recruiting processes
  • Employment job applications
  • Performance reviews & policies
  • Job offers
  • Orientation/start process
  • Wrong/invalid documentation

How do I get Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Red Bank NJ?

In order to prevail, your company might need to prove safe and good employment practices. This could be necessary to obtain an employee practice insurance policy. You could be asked to provide the insurance underwriter with the following protocols and policy documents that prove you are trying to minimize your risk when it comes to litigation:

  • Discipline policy for employees
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Accommodations for disabled individuals
  • Equal opportunity practices
  • Wrongful termination
  • Company job postings
  • Discrimination policy
  • Interview and hiring process
  • Employee evaluations
  • Employee leave of absence
  • Mediation/resolution/settlement
  • Minimize your risks for a lawsuit

Minimize your risks for a lawsuit

Damage and litigation fees can cause a detrimental effect on the financial health of your company. It is predicted that Employment Practices Liability Insurance will eventually become much more complicated as we progress into the future. It is vital for company owners to equip themselves with the proper knowledge, risks, and strategies when it comes to minimizing employment practices litigation suit. Make business insurance in Red Bank NJ your top priority today!

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