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Franchisor and Franchisee Insurance Solutions

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC specializes in franchise insurance and risk management for both Franchisor and Franchise’s. We work with many national brands and have the expertise and resources to provide competitive customized solutions.

Franchisor Insurance Solutions

There is a tremendous risk and responsibility when franchising for both the Franchisor and the Franchisee. Essentially, the Franchisor is selling a Franchisee their proven business idea and proprietary process contractually for others to follow. The intentions, expectations, and assumptions for both parties are often that success will be duplicated. However, there are so many factors and risks involved which make franchise insurance essential.

Every business is unique and has a unique set of circumstances and with that said, there are many things that can go wrong even when a proven business process has been duplicated. Although, both parties are expecting everything to go right, that’s not always the case.

There are franchise insurance protections available to help shelter the Franchisor when outcomes don’t go as expected and the Franchisee feels they were misrepresented. This is critical to help protect the Franchisor, brand, and reputation.

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC offers franchisors customized insurance solutions that meet their unique needs, risks, and exposures.

Franchisee Insurance Solutions

Most business owners start a business with the expectation that their business will be successful. Even though franchising has a higher success rate by purchasing the rights to leverage a proven business model; quite often, there are surprises and risks along the way.

Franchisees are no different and require an advisor that understand the uniqueness of the business and offers customized solutions to protect the business.

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC offers customized Franchise insurance solutions that meet unique needs, risks, and exposures.

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