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Unfortunately, personal injury risk is a workplace reality. Your employees can injure themselves or become ill on the job. Subsequently, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation insurance.

An employee could earn these benefits once approved by a qualified physician. For example, a medical leave of absence, compensation for the injury, refunded lost wages, and covered medical costs.

This is where our worker’s compensation insurance in NJ comes in handy.

What is the process for reporting a workplace injury or illness?

It’s important to file a report when an employee is harmed at work. This is the first step in the process to receive workers’ compensation insurance benefits. We also offer comprehensive claims management services to help you manage claims!

How does an employee get Workers Comp benefits?

An employee may receive workers’ comp benefits as soon as they start medical treatment. These plans could pay at a state-specified percentage. In other words, benefits are based on the employees’ average wages from week to week. Additionally, wait times and conditions for benefits vary by state.

Why Independent Medical Exams (IME)

As a business owner, you can request an IME on a worker’s comp claim. This is a medical examination that may be given to verify a diagnosis or treatment option given to an employee. However, an IME should be conducted by a qualified medical expert that did not give the initial examination.

Not all employees adhere to their treatment plan

Employees don’t always stick with their treatment plans or therapy. As a result, an employee may lose benefits offered through their workers’ comp plan.

Strategies to keep costs low and workers’ comp claims down:

In addition to having the best workers compensation insurance, is important to create a culture where safety is number one. Because the safer your business runs, the lower premiums and costs could be.

  • Investigate potential workplace harm immediately and seriously.
  • File claims as quickly as possible.
  • Frequently train employees on safety and operational standards.
  • Devise a plan with your employee. That is to say, determine when they will return to work and how they will manage their workload as they heal.

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