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For companies that want to keep pace with the ever-changing group health insurance/medical benefits scene, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is ready to help. Our comprehensive knowledge of the insurance industry and our well-established connections to insurance providers throughout New Jersey give us the edge when it comes to setting up your employee insurance packages. Call us soon to keep your employee group insurance up-to-date at (732) 649-1600 or contact us online

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is prepared to take over the complex task of creating, organizing, implementing, and managing your Employee Benefits Package, leaving you free to work on tasks more central to your bottom line. Our sharp, efficient insurance advisors do not represent any particular insurance company, so we are able to focus only on you and your business needs. 

Our goal is not to sell you insurance policies and move on; rather, it is to assist your company on an ongoing basis. Once you become our client, we are available to meet your needs day in, day out throughout the year. We will listen carefully to what types of coverage you want to offer your employees and explore the insurance providers whose policies best suit your needs.

Why It Is Advantageous to Your Business to Offer Excellent Benefits

As in so many other areas of business and life, you generally reap what you sow. The better the Group Health insurance/medical benefits your company offers, the stronger it is likely to be, both in terms of having a dedicated workforce and in terms of maintaining a strong standing in the community. 

Employees who feel well-protected by Health Insurance and medical benefits for themselves and their families are more productive and more loyal to the companies that employ them. Also, your company’s reputation in a highly competitive small business and corporate world will be partially determined by how well you treat your employees. 

Offering a sturdy insurance package to your employees:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Are a powerful recruiting tool to attract new talent
  • Increase retention of employees reluctant to give up good benefits
  • Boost employee satisfaction and, therefore, productivity
  • Can save money since excellent benefits may be as big a lure as higher salaries
  • Boost morale and create a more positive, cooperative work environment 

For these reasons, our insurance advisors are trained to find you the best coverage at the lowest possible prices. Contacting Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC will help your business flourish. 

Types of Group Health/Medical Insurance We Can Help You Provide for Your Employees

Depending on your particular situation, you may be interested in offering your employees some or all of the wide range of Employee Insurance Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC offers, including:

  • Medical Insurance — In New Jersey, employers of 50 or more employees must provide “minimum essential” healthcare coverage for employees who work 30 or more hours per week or must pay an annual penalty. Medical insurance covers doctor and hospital visits, prescription drugs, wellness care, and medical devices (but not cosmetic surgery). 
  • Dental Insurance — Dental insurance policies vary, but typically cover routine exams, cleaning, fillings, and necessary dental procedures, but not dental work that is entirely cosmetic.
  • Vision Insurance — generally covers annual eye exams, prescription glasses or contact lenses. Some policies may cover elective procedures like LASIK surgery.
  • Group Life Insurance/Group Disability Insurance — may be subsidized in some businesses
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (Flex accounts) — contain money employees put aside to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs. The money in flex accounts is not taxable, so employees save money by using them. Flex accounts are a popular option with employees.
  • Voluntary Benefits —  are low-cost benefits employees can voluntarily pay for, usually through payroll deductions, for which their employer pays administrative costs.
  • Wellness Programs — give employees access to programs that will improve their health and well-being, such as:
    • Weight loss and stress reduction programs
    • Smoking cessation programs
    • Health risk screenings
    • Exercise programs and activities.
    • Nutrition education
    • Vaccination clinics

Other Services We Provide

As you can see, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLP offers a full array of insurance benefits for you to provide for your employees. In addition, we are experts in assisting with:

  • Personalized Enrollment and Negotiations with Individual Insurance Companies
  • COBRA Administration to keep workers and their families covered by health benefits for a limited period of time after they have lost their jobs
  • ERISA Compliance Testing — the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, known as ERISA, was designed to protect employees of private companies who participate in retirement and welfare benefit plans. Because you are a fiduciary, unless your company is in full compliance with ERISA, you could be subject to expensive penalties. In this situation, the experience of our insurance advisors can prove invaluable.
  • ACA Monitoring / Compliance Testing — All newly purchased individual and small group health insurance policies are required to be ACA-compliant. Our insurance advisors have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Affordable Care Act so that we can step in to make sure your company is in full compliance.

In addition to these management services, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC will make certain that your company is in compliance with all other state and federal laws. When you contact us, you will experience the peace of mind that comes from having your Group Health/Medical Insurance needs completely taken care of by trustworthy professionals.

Contact Us Today to Upgrade Your Group Health/Medical Insurance

We know that you want your Group Health/Medical Insurance, like all aspects of your company, to demonstrate your innovative thinking as well as your proven competence in your field. Our outstanding insurance advisors can bring your employee benefits to the highest, yet most cost-effective, level possible.

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