Family Protected By Umbrella

Protect life’s most precious assets. You’ve got a wonderful family, a beautiful home, two cars and steady jobs. Life is great! But, life can also be unpredictable. That’s why you need Personal Umbrella Insurance from Blue Lion Insurance Advisors. It’s an essential level of liability insurance that goes beyond what your primary homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance policies cover. It puts an umbrella of protection above your assets.

Comprehensive Coverage, Superior Service

In the blink of an eye, a multi-million-dollar lawsuit could take your home, car, property, savings, investments and income. Personal Umbrella Insurance coverage can protect your assets and prevent financial hardship, giving you broader coverage if you’re sued. Many customers incorrectly assume they don’t need umbrella insurance – as that it’s just for ultra/super wealthy people. That’s simply not true. At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, we can discuss your needs and help you get the liability protection, and peace of mind that comes with Umbrella Insurance.

Affordable Insurance You Can’t Afford to be Without

If in an auto accident, someone is injured on your property, or a guest injures someone in an accident after leaving your home, an umbrella insurance premium can prevent big losses.

You have assets that you and your family rely on now and well into the future. If you’re sued, people may pursue your current and future assets or retirement savings. We work to ensure our Personal Umbrella insurance, for residents applies to issues at home and in the car. Plus, combining Umbrella Insurance with your Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance policies may save you money.

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