dog laying down in a cone of shame

Like us, your pet is part of the family. They’re loyal, loving and (for the most part!) make us smile and laugh. But just like the rest of your family, they will have the need for medical care at times during their life. When your four-legged family member gets, sick or injured, the last thing you should worry about is the huge bill that comes from your veterinarian or an animal hospital.

So many pet owners consider Pet Insurance as a financial safety net from veterinarian costs that just continue to rise.

Get your pet the care they deserve!

Insurance carriers cover different types of pets and conditions. Some only provide dog and cat insurance, while others cover all types pets. You could have the ability to choose the vet you like. A Blue Lion Insurance Advisor can help get you the right coverage, at the right price.

Pet insurance from Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC allows you to make sure your pets get the care they need and very much deserve!

Coverage Options for Your Pet

Pet Insurance Coverage Options Could Include:

Wellness: Puppies need checkups and shots too. This is part of the wellness plan
Expensive Emergency Care: If your pet should accidentally get hurt or swallow something harmful, they may need emergency care
Ongoing Treatment: If your pet becomes diabetic for example, they may need regular treatment, the reality is ongoing treatment can be costly
Medication: can be expensive too, just like people insurance, you may have the option to purchase a plan that also includes medications

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