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How We Do It

Blue Lion Advisors have decades of experience developing insurance and risk management solutions for individuals and businesses of all size, having earned a solid reputation in the marketplace, leveraging our long-term relationships with the world’s best insurance carriers, we have mastered advocating for our clients and providing them with the right insurance coverage’s at the right price while delivering superior client service.  That’s Blue Lion Strong™!

Right Coverage

Unfortunately, most agents and insureds go through a process of duplicating and renewing insurance policies from year to year without understanding what they really have until a claim is denied and it’s too late. Blue Lion Advisors have a formal process of evaluating risk and exposures to help provide our clients with the right specific coverage given their unique situation and needs. Our process is collaborative and begins with a thorough understanding of needs matched up with your objectives, identifying gaps and high risk areas. This is a critical part in determining the right coverages and solutions for each unique client.  Properly assessing your risk situation helps you secure the right coverage and make better decisions about where you want more coverage or less based on you risk strengths, weaknesses, and tolerance. That’s a smarter and better way to buy insurance; Blue Lion Strong™!

Right Price

It’s no secret that nobody wants to overpay for insurance. The real question you should ask is how do I get the right insurance coverage competitively placed? Blue Lion Advisors have the answer by delivering a proven process that is collaborative, transparent, efficient, and produces the best outcomes while leveraging our extensive carrier relationships. The truth is that insurance carriers prefer you to have an insurance advisor who is highly competent, experienced, professional, detailed, and knowledgeable and that can present you to the underwriter in their language. Presenting your risk to the right markets, with the right relationships, and with the right underwriting will produce the best outcomes for you and the right price. You should be highly selective when choosing the right insurance advisors to showcase you to the marketplace. Don’t just choose any agent, select Blue Lion Insurance Advisors and become Blue Lion Strong™!

Superior Client Service

We are reliable, proactive, responsive, collaborative, and passionate about not losing sight of our client’s needs. We serve with a high sense of urgency while be sensitive to details, accuracy, and quality of our work.  We solicit our clients for continuous feedback so we can optimize the Blue Lion Insurance Advisors experience for them. We have a detailed service commitment for every client along with a service plan with mutual expectations. We also communicate with our clients on their terms. Whether they prefer consulting via smartphone or meeting face-to-face, we are here to accommodate them. Our goal is to make our clients feel happy and secure. We’re dependable, honest, transparent and proactive in meeting their ever-changing insurance needs. Experience Blue Lion Strong™!

The next step is easy!

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