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Insurance for High-Net-Worth Clients in New Jersey

While insurance is essential regardless of financial status, high-net-worth individuals face unique risks that leave them exposed more than others. To protect themselves and their high-value assets, individuals must have the right coverage to ensure they are protected.

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, offers high-net-worth insurance for clients in New Jersey. We work with several trusted high-net-worth insurance carriers to provide clients with a full spectrum of products and services geared toward those with expensive assets. Discover more about our premium insurance offerings and why some clients must have the proper coverage.

Why Having High-Net-Worth Insurance Matters

High-net-worth insurance, also referred to as high-value insurance, is coverage specially designed for individuals and families with a high degree of wealth. Accumulated wealth can include money, real estate, commodities, stocks, and other equivalents. Coverage limits for this type of insurance are higher than standard policies to reflect the unique needs of those with a higher net worth.

By not having high-net-worth insurance, wealthy individuals leave themselves exposed and unprotected. Without the necessary coverage, they risk losing their high-value assets in the event of an accident or other disaster.

The High-Value Coverage We Offer

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC offers a variety of high-net-worth insurance policies to protect our clients and ensure their assets remain secured. Our full lineup of high-value coverage is intended to provide complete protection. Our high-net-worth insurance brokers can assist you with the following coverage:

  • Luxury home insurance: Homes that meet specific criteria are eligible for high-net-worth home insurance, which includes higher coverage limits and additional coverage options that aren’t included in standard home insurance policies.
  • Luxury car insurance: Luxury car insurance covers vehicles that are high in cost and performance and made by a luxury manufacturer.
  • Personal excess liability insurance: This type of coverage protects wealthy policyholders when other insurance policies aren’t enough to cover the cost of an unexpected lawsuit or accident.
  • Private fleet auto insurance: Businesses that own and operate three or more vehicles as part of their daily operations are eligible for private fleet auto insurance.
  • Personal umbrella insurance: This kind of insurance provides high-net-worth clients additional liability coverage beyond their other insurance policies.
  • Insurance for jewelry, art, and valuable collections: Wealthy clients with high-end valuables can ensure they are protected with specific insurance coverage.
  • Second/vacation home insurance: High-net-worth clients with more than one place of residence can protect multiple properties with second/vacation home insurance.
  • Yacht/boat insurance: Wealthy clients can protect their luxury and expensive watercraft with yacht/boat insurance.
  • Excess flood Insurance: High-net-worth clients with properties on the water are in high flood zones. Clients can protect these properties with excess flood insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation for domestic staff: Wealthy individuals who employ cleaning professionals, chefs, chauffeurs, and other domestic staff members must be able to cover medical expenses in the case of an accident.
  • Kidnap, ransom, and extortion insurance coverage: This type of insurance is intended to protect individuals and families against the high cost associated with kidnapping and extortion.
  • Rental property insurance: Wealthy individuals who rent their properties to others as a source of income can protect themselves with rental property insurance.
  • Home business insurance: This type of coverage is tailored to protect home businesses and their owners.

Upgrade Your Coverage Today to Protect Your Assets

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, can help wealthy individuals protect their assets and valuable commodities. We specialize in providing insurance for high-net-worth individuals across New Jersey. Our insurance professionals work closely with top-rated high-net-worth insurance carriers to provide clients with the coverage that meets their unique needs. Our mission is to provide you with the right high-net-worth insurance coverage at the right price with superior client service every time. For more information, contact us today.