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There’s no such thing as the best car insurance—there’s only the right car insurance for you. Your Blue Lion Insurance advisor can help you select the right coverage for your needs at the right price.

What does car insurance cover?

Choosing the right car insurance for your needs means asking the right questions upfront before you need to use it:

  • How far will roadside assistance tow me?
  • How do I protect the possessions inside my car?
  • What kind of medical coverage should I have?

The answers to these questions will often change year after year—and so should your policy.

Get a free auto insurance tune-up

Instead of purchasing the same plan year after year, our personal insurance advisors will evaluate your risk and exposures each year to look for more competitive pricing and gaps in your coverage. You don’t even have to ask

  • Liability covers vehicle damage if you’re at fault in an accident
  • Collision helps you repair or replace your car if you’re in an accident or hit an object
  • Comprehensive helps you repair or replace your car if it’s damaged by something else (hitting an animal, theft, vandalism)

Your Blue Lion auto insurance advisor can help you choose a plan that covers you, whether you’re behind the wheel or not.

The next step is easy!

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