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Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Whether you call a rented house, condo, or apartment your home, you can benefit from renters insurance.

Just because your landlord has coverage doesn’t mean that you do too. In most cases, your landlord’s insurance policy covers only structural damage to the building itself.

Renters Insurance Considerations

What do you think your belongings are worth? Without coverage, replacing these items could be a real financial hardship. With renters insurance, you could be covered.

Plus, there’s additional coverage options if you have valuables such as expensive jewelry or collectibles. This means that in the event of a covered loss, the amount of insurance is enough to cover the repair, replacement or cash reimbursement of the item.

That also means that your expensive camera equipment or wedding ring can be covered, too!

Coverage for property loss and liability

Renters insurance provides protection against both property loss and liability in the event that you cause injury or property damage. Here’s how:

Property Protection

Renters insurance protects your possessions in case of a covered loss from

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Lightning
  • vandalism
  • theft
  • flooding

To name a few.

It could also extend beyond on premise theft and hazards, covering property that is stolen from your car, or is lost or damaged anywhere you happen to be.

Liability Coverage

In addition to protecting your personal property, renters insurance also protects you in the event that you are responsible for injury or property damage to others.
That means you’ll likely be protected if someone slips and sprains their ankle at your annual birthday bash.

Liability could also provide coverage for legal defense costs and judgments in a lawsuit, whether the incident occurred within your rented residence, or elsewhere.

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