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Business Continuation Insurance Plans Keep Your Business Running in Times of Need

Statistics show that approximately 25 percent of businesses that experience disasters never reopen. A business continuity insurance plan is the best way to prevent this.

Small businesses and individuals who are self-employed are especially vulnerable.  Protect your business from losses by investing in business interruption insurance from Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC. We offer our customers a customized business continuity plan to fit their needs.

Implementation of your business continuity plan means more than using the plan during an emergency. It means integrating the plan into your company operations, employee training and periodic evaluation the plan to ensure proper coverage at all times.

Business Continuation is Important, Having an Insurance Plan is Critical

Continuity is critical in business. Few things are more important than continuous revenue and cash flow for small to medium-sized organizations.

Just one brief interruption can be incredibly costly for your business, often leading to serious damage to your reputation and even long-term closures.

Business interruption and continuation insurance can help. This form of coverage provides protection against a variety of common interruptions including:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Equipment Damage
  • Vandalism

How can a business continuity insurance plan help you?

Most businesses don’t understand how a business continuity insurance plan can help their business. We’ve compiled a list of ways that the right policy can help keep your business afloat.

Benefits of Business Continuation Insurance:

Revenue: Provides coverage for income your business would have earned during a closure period had been operating normally

Rent or lease payments: Allows you to continue making rents or lease payments while your business is not operating.

Relocation: Covers expenses related to temporary or permanent relocation and rents while your primary location is unusable.

Employee wages: Avoid losing staff while you’re closed by ensuring that you make payroll. Finding new employees is often more expensive than keeping them.

Loan payments: Ensure you never miss a  loan payment until you are fully operational again.

Want to Learn More?

Business interruption insurance is designed to give businesses access to the cash flow they need when they need it most. These policies can be complex and it’s important to work with a Blue Lion insurance advisor to ensure a comprehensive policy.

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