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At  Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, we know how much you value your high-end car or car collection, both in terms of monetary worth and in terms of style, maintenance, and distinction. It takes time, perseverance, and fine judgment to accumulate high-end sports cars, luxury cars, or classic, antique, and/or vintage cars, and we know you want to have High-Net-Worth Car Insurance customized to meet your very specific needs.

As highly qualified insurance advisors, our team is not beholden to any particular insurance company, so we are free to shop around to get you a comprehensive insurance package at the best possible price. Why not call us today at (732) 649-1600 or contact us online?

Extras Available on High-Net-Worth Car Insurance

As you may be aware, when you’re dealing with high-net-worth products, companies offer a wide array of add-ons for the right price. So, in addition to the ordinary coverage provided for damage, personal injuries, roadside assistance and towing, owners of high-net-worth cars could choose insurance that includes coverage for:

  • Restoration of a car you are in the process of reconditioning or refurbishing
  • Spare parts which can be extremely expensive to replace if lost or stolen
  • Reward money for information leading to your car’s safe return if it is stolen
  • “Automobilia, accouterments such as hood ornaments, license plates, and gas pumps
  • Money toward bail bond and legal defense if you are arrested on the road

As you can see, there are High-Net-Worth Car Insurance policies designed to meet almost every imaginable need.

Agreed Value Is Essential for Car Collection Insurance

While most cars depreciate as soon as they are purchased, high-net-worth cars frequently increase in value, assuming they are properly cared for. For this reason, several insurance companies have special policies for high-end vehicles which guarantee that insured parties will be paid the “agreed value” — i.e. the value stipulated when you purchased the policy — if your car is totaled.

Make Sure You Get the Best Policy You Qualify For

When you contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, you can rest assured that we have comprehensive knowledge of the requirements that must be met in order to purchase certain types of High-Net-Worth Car Insurance.

Requirements for the Car:

Age – If your car is a classic, antique, or vintage car, its age will help determine its value. Though standards for various classifications vary, to be considered a historic vehicle in New Jersey, the vehicle must be at least 25 years old.

Condition – Insurers expect classic cars to be very well-maintained, although some, as noted earlier, do offer restoration coverage.

Usage Cars that are collectibles are not intended to be in daily use. High-Net-Worth Car Collection insurance permits only low mileage (e.g. 2500 miles per year) and relatively rare use. Cars designated as historic may only be used for exhibition and educational purposes. Most companies insist that the driver have another vehicle for everyday use.

Storage Most policies require that car collection vehicles be kept in locked garages. Policies that permit you to house the car in a carport or on a driveway typically charge higher premiums.

Requirements for the Driver – Insurers of high-net-worth cars generally require that drivers be at least 25 years old or have 5 to 10 years of driving experience, and have a clean driving record, with no major violations or accidents for the past 3 to 5 years.

Contact Our Experienced Insurance Advisors Today to Protect Your High-Net-Worth Car

At Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, we will always provide you with excellent service and be thorough as we investigate how best to protect your high-net-worth possessions. We know that you are seeking good value, so we will find you any available insurance policies offering discounts for multiple cars, lower mileage, anti-theft devices, or car club membership. Most important, we will guide you to trustworthy companies to make sure that your coverage is Blue Lion Strong™. Contact one of our insurance advisors today online or at (732) 649-1600.