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After witnessing the damaging cyberattacks that have taken place in large corporations, schools, and professional offices, some small business owners continue to believe that their company is not at risk. This is a serious, possibly catastrophic, mistake. 

Small businesses, even those with only a single computer, can be shut down by a single cyberattack. This is why, if you own a small business in New Jersey, it is critical that you contact our skilled team at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC. We have the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to assist you in making sure you have Cyber Liability Insurance that is Blue Lion Strong™.

How Cyberattacks Can Impact Your Company

Even if you have no aspirations to be a high-tech company, a cyberattack on your business can deplete your assets, damage your reputation, destabilize your profit margin, and threaten your company’s very existence. Isn’t it worth the price of premiums to purchase a solid, cost-effective Cyber Liability Insurance policy that could keep your business intact? Contact our experienced insurance advisors today to protect your small business and your peace of mind.

We can offer you a wide range of Cyber Liability Insurance options, all of which could shield you from the high costs of a data breach or malicious software attack. Cyber Liability Insurance protects your company from such destructive acts by covering the costs of remediation, including:

  • Customer notification
  • Credit monitoring
  • Legal fees
  • Fines

Your business needn’t be large to suffer great harm in a cyberattack. As long as you use a computer, a smartphone or another electronic device on which you accept credit cards or store sensitive data, your small business is at risk. A breach of security could, within minutes, expose you to lawsuits with costly settlements, high legal fees, and damage to your brand and reputation.

Some Disturbing Statistics About Cyberattacks

You may be surprised and disheartened by the following information, but it is necessary for you to know in order to make a wise decision about whether your small business requires Cyber Liability Insurance. According to the National Cybersecurity Alliance:

  1.         Almost 50 percent of small businesses have already experienced a cyberattack
  2.         More than 70 percent of all cyberattacks target small businesses
  3.         Nearly 60 percent of small and medium-sized businesses that have been hacked go out of business after 6 months.  

Remember, too, that the hours of downtime that result even from small breaches represent significant losses in wages and productivity.

Astonishingly, although 83 percent of small and medium-size business owners admit that they do not have the resources necessary to recover from a cyberattack, a full 91 percent of small businesses have not yet purchased Cyber Liability Insurance. 

Don’t be one of the risk-takers. Contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC and become an enlightened small business owner who has taken the appropriate steps to protect your business and your peace of mind. We can be reached at (732) 649-1600 or contact us online

The Protection Cyber Liability Insurance Provides

A carefully chosen Cyber Liability Insurance policy could offer you:

  • Data breach coverage for identity theft
  • Protection from legal action taken against you
  • Business interruption loss and reimbursement
  • Cyber extortion defense (e.g. against ransomware)
  • Support for forensic investigation
  • Attorneys’ fees and court costs

Contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors to Obtain Cyber Liability Insurance Today

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC provides several important benefits to clients. In addition to our many years of experience and our well-earned reputation for integrity, we have no allegiance to any particular insurance company, so we are always able to put your best interests first. Get in touch with us soon to protect your small business from big trouble.