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All business owners know that they need Business Insurance to protect their companies from potential threats. But how are you to know which policies fit your particular business needs? This is where Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC comes in. For over a century, smart business owners throughout New Jersey have been turning to our insurance advisors to find out how best to protect their assets, their cash flow, and their reputation in the face of potential adversities.

Because our insurance advisors are not affiliated with any individual insurance providers, we have the freedom to be objective about the broad spectrum of policies we offer from many different insurance companies. More than that, we owe loyalty only to our clients. That means at any given moment, we are focused on your best interests.

Our Team Has a Comprehensive Understanding of Risk Management

Deciphering which types of Business Insurance your company needs is probably more complicated than you realize. There may also be many more types of Business Insurance available than you imagined. 

The most efficient way to ensure that you purchase necessary policies and do not purchase policies that are not cost-effective is to make a complimentary appointment with one of our knowledgeable insurance advisors. Contact us now at (732) 649-1600 or online to discuss your best options.

How We Guide You to Make Wise Business Insurance Choices

Our advisors have the training and experience to help you determine precisely which types of Business Insurance will address the risks your company is most vulnerable to, depending on factors such as:

  1. Location: In your businesses in an area where burglary and vandalism are common? in a flood zone? in an area with a high risk of brush fires? 
  2. Assets: Does your company own extensive real estate? valuable equipment or vehicles? a large inventory? intellectual property? multiple vehicles?
  3. Use of Dangerous Equipment or Machinery: Do your employees work with live wires? earth-moving equipment? hot surfaces? toxic substances?
  4. Business Vehicles: Do your employees make deliveries? travel long distances in company vehicles?
  5. Nature of Your Business: Does your company manufacture products that may cause harm if defective or contaminated? Do you deal with a large number of customers of clients? Are most of your employees doing physical labor? dealing with complex financial matters? working on computers? Are you a doctor, lawyer, or other professional?

Depending on your answers to these questions, our advisors will be able to estimate which Business Insurance policies will be most productive in protecting you from your most powerful risks. While all companies need Workers’ Compensation Insurance and General Liability, only some may require Commercial Auto Insurance or Professional Liability. 

Having the Right Business Insurance Will Make Your Company Resilient

You want the company you have worked so hard to build to have staying power even if confronted with an unexpected weather catastrophe, a theft, or a reputational calamity. That’s why it makes sense to turn to our well-informed insurance advisors. Contact us now for a free consultation.

We will make sure that you are aware of the wide variety of policies available to help your particular business bounce back in case of trouble, e.g. Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O), Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O), Construction Liability Insurance, Franchise Insurance, or Cyber Liability Insurance

Contact Our Experienced Business Insurance Advisors Today

Having the proper policies to suit your business’s unique needs will provide you with essential funds if you have to repair, replace, or restore after a storm, a fire, a cyber-attack, theft of intellectual property, or some other disaster. 

Whatever type of New Jersey business you have, we are here to help you make your insurance Blue Lion Strong™. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start providing you with the business insurance you need.