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Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance with Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC located in Red Bank NJ

Workers Compensation Insurance

Employees that are hurt when they are on the job or become sick may be eligible for workers compensation insurance. Once they are approved by a qualified physician to take a medical leave of absence from the job, your employee should be compensated and refunded wages that were lost and any medical costs that relate to the treatment and healing. This is where our workers compensation insurance comes in handy.

Reporting a work-related injury or illness, what is the process?

If an employee of yours is harmed at work, they should alert you as soon as possible, this way, you can fill out a report and file it. As soon as you complete this step, the process to receive Workers’ compensation benefits should begin.

How could an employees get refunded?

Any funds that are lost should be authorized for payment once the employee is in treatment with a qualified physician. Workers Compensation benefits should be paid out on a state-specified percentage, this rate is based on the employees average wages on a weekly basis. Every state has a specific wait time and rules before the benefits are released.

Independent Medical Exams (IME), what do these entail?

IME is a health and medical examination that should be given to your employee if they did in fact hurt themselves on the job. This exam should take place from a qualified medical expert, and should not be completed by the first physician that originally provided their examination. As a business owner, requesting an IME is an option if you want to verify a treatment option or diagnosis that has been given to your employee.

Not all employees adhere to their physicians advised treatments

When employees do not adhere to certain treatment plans or therapy sessions, this may affect their ability to keep receiving their workers compensation benefits.

Strategies to Keep Your Costs Down By Managing Workers’ Comp Claims:

In order to improve workplace safety, you should consistently communicate with your employees how crucial it is to keep and retain a safe working environment for all; remind your employees, this should minimize overall premiums workers compensation insurance.

Other strategies to lower workers compensation insurance costs could include:

  • If an employee gets injured while at work, you should investigate what caused their illness or injury right away
  • Ensure that the claim is filed immediately
  • Consistently train your employees throughout the year about safety precautions and measures that are related to their job tasks and duties
  • Devise a policy that allows employees to return-to-work and add a clause that covers modified work duties, until they fully recover

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