Lakewood NJ MapThe borough of Point Pleasant Beach is a very popular community in the Central NJ Ocean County area. It is home to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and hosts many of the family-friendly public events throughout the spring and summer. People from around the state will make their way to this Jersey Shore mecca to be greeted by the friendly faces of locals who are eager to share in boardwalk games, aquarium tours, and, of course, the beach, with their visitors. They know that visits to their hometown are a special treat for the residents of neighboring communities and while it may congest their streets temporarily, they are pleased to have them as visitors to their town.

We at Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC applaud the welcoming nature of those in Point Pleasant Beach, knowing not only that we would do the same, but also that it speaks volumes about the residents. Our experienced advisors seek to do as much as they can for the community and continuously aim to provide the right insurance coverage, at the right price, with superior client services! It is our pleasure to give back to YOU, and service all your insurance needs, big or small. This way you can continue enjoying your daily activities worry-free knowing you are covered should an unexpected loss to your home, car, business, or other assets occur.

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Personalized Insurance Packages Available in Point Pleasant Beach 

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC, makes clients the first, and only, priority when it comes to developing individualized insurance coverages. We take pride in the services we provide and when it comes to serving you with insurance coverage to safeguard your assets. Our experienced advisors take relationship-building to the next level. We know that no two people are in the same financial situation, or have the same future goals, which means standard, non-customizable insurance packages are not going to meet your overarching coverage needs. We strive to give you what is best for YOU, even if that means spending more time negotiating with our over 30 top-rated insurance carriers and engaging in more conversations with you. By the end of your consultation with our advisor, you will be presented with our comprehensive insurance quote from one of the insurance carriers. That quote will satisfy all the needs you have regarding your family and your assets in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

Below are some of the insurance coverages we offer and, once an experienced advisor reviews them with you, they will be customized to meet your unique needs.  For a complete list of our products and services, click here. Call us today at 732-860-2751 to request a free insurance quote.

  • Personal Lines Insurance Coverages
  • High-Net-Worth Insurance Programs
  • Full Protection Insurance Programs
  • Full Business Coverage

You can also Send us an email to connect directly to an experienced advisor who can give you a more in-depth look at the insurance programs and services we offer to residents and business owners in the Point Pleasant Beach, NJ area.

The Flood Insurance Information We Want the Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Community to Know

  1. You Need Flood Insurance: While it might seem obvious that flood insurance is important when living along the Atlantic Ocean, we aim to make everyone aware that it is more than a recommendation, it is required by the municipality. They are enrolled in the Community Rating System, which takes action to reduce losses due to flooding. If you are purchasing a home in Point Pleasant Beach, it will be required that you obtain flood insurance before you close on the property.
  2. There is NO Waiting Period on New Home Purchases: If you are purchasing a home and flood insurance is being acquired during sale, there is no waiting period for the insurance to go into effect. It will be effective Day 1. However, if you are already a homeowner and you are adding flood insurance to your insurance plan, there is a 30-day waiting period before it is effective. Reach out to an experienced Point Pleasant Beach Insurance broker today!

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A Quick Snapshot of Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is a full-service insurance and risk management agency that is significantly changing the way individuals and business owners purchase insurance. We provide premier risk management and insurance solutions offered at competitive pricing. And, unlike other insurance agencies, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors are trailblazers, adopting cutting-edge technology and online communication tools to deliver a more efficient, expedient, and transparent user experience.

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