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South Toms River, NJ Insurance Coverage Made Easy

South Toms River, New Jersey is an attractive town, offering a pleasant lifestyle for its residents. More than that, South Toms River provides an environment where businesses can thrive. Many companies offering managerial, consulting, and computer services dot the town, making it an appealing location for new establishments. In South Toms River, as everywhere, businesses require strong, dependable insurance to protect them. Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC is here to provide it.

What Sets Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC Apart

As a highly respected company with a long history of outstanding customer service, Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC offers a broad range of excellent Commercial Insurance policies from a wide variety of companies. Because we are not affiliated with any particular insurance company, we are loyal only to the customers we serve and are able to help you zero in on the most inclusive policies at the best price. Contact us soon for a free consultation at (732) 649-1600 or online to see which types of insurance are essential for you.

What sets our team apart is our commitment to meeting the individual needs of each client. We keep apprised of all relevant new laws that affect insurance needs and continually update our practices to keep current. When you become our client, we become part of your support system, always available to give you guidance. We pride ourselves on being available and responsive by phone, email, and text, as well as through in-person meetings.

Reasons Commercial Insurance Is Essential

As we are all increasingly aware, there are multiple risks that may threaten business success. Apart from economic downturns and pandemics, the crucial profit margin by which businesses rise and fall can be negatively impacted by:

  • Natural catastrophes, such as hurricanes, floods, and fires
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Costly lawsuits

Blue Lion Insurance Advisors can assess the liability risks to your business, depending on the type of work you do, your inventory, your location, and other pertinent factors. This helps us determine precisely what types of protection you need to see you through. We have the in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and insight to help you prepare you for the future, whatever it holds. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can relax, knowing that your insurance policy is now Blue Lion Strong™.

Commercial Insurance in South Toms River

Whether you own a small business, a large corporation, or a franchise, you have a fundamental need for Commercial Insurance to protect your existing assets, your income, your expenses, and your employees’ salaries. Because we handle only Commercial Insurance products, our insurance advisors have the expertise to ensure that the insurance policies you purchase can provide the most inclusive coverage at the most reasonable cost.

Business Liability Insurance in South Toms River

Whether you own a construction company, a retail establishment, a professional practice, a small shop, or a service center, Liability Insurance can protect your business from:

  • Personal injury claims or claims of damaged or destroyed property
  • Lawsuits that claim your business or employees have damaged the reputation of customers, clients or competitors
  • Claims that your business violated copyrights or patents or ran misleading ads
  • Claims that you damaged or destroyed property your business rents

Litigation costs typically range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, so investing in proper business Liability Insurance is essential. Having appropriate Commercial General Liability Insurance can not only keep you from using your assets to pay settlements but can provide coverage for all attorneys’ fees and court costs.

It is important to be aware that costs for Business Liability Insurance vary widely according to:

  • Type of business being insured
  • Kinds of equipment used
  • Number of employees
  • Tasks performed
  • How frequently clients, customers, or others visit your premises

No matter what the particulars of your business environment are, you can trust our reliable insurance advisors to offer you well-thought-out, practical advice.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

In view of the fact that recently enacted laws continue to strengthen employee rights, it is critical for companies to have Employment Practices Liability Insurance to protect their businesses from employees who may claim their rights have been violated. Contact Blue Lion Insurance Advisors, LLC so we can make sure that EPLI is part of your Commercial Insurance package.

EPLI can be invaluable in offering your business protection if an employee claims:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, disability, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Discrimination in your recruiting or interviewing process or in regard to promotions, bonuses, working conditions, or employee evaluations

Our insurance advisors have the tools to guide you to the EPLI that best suits your business and to neutralize the impact of employment practices litigation. You can also count on us to keep you informed about any changes to employment law.

Commercial Flood Insurance

You should note that according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), flooding is the most common natural disaster. Perhaps even more significant, FEMA reports
that approximately 20 percent of flood claims are filed by people with property in moderate or low-risk areas. Do not make the costly mistake of failing to get a Flood Insurance policy to protect your business when: [1] climate change is increasing the overall risk of flooding and [2] Toms River is one of the New Jersey cities listed as at the greatest risk of flooding.

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